Stone disc at sunset, Merrivale, Dartmoor National Park, Devon, England, UK

Towards the end of a short winter's day with the low sun raking across the moor, I arrived at Merrivale hoping for a photo before it disappeared. A large bank of dark clouds heading my way transformed into shades of pink as the setting sun illuminated them. Arriving at my chosen spot I'd found earlier in the day, I quickly set up my camera and calculated that an exposure of 12 seconds was needed in the low light. Disaster struck as the camera shutter stuck open. Realising I could only use an exposure of 1 second to get around the problem, I quickly took 12 photos at 1 second without winding on the film, the equivalent of 1 photo, 12 seconds long. The light was now gone but, fortunately, I had the photo.

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