Photographer on mountain summit, Isle of Skye

Spectacular view from a mountain summit - Isle of Skye, Scotland  

About Me

I am a landscape photographer living in Devon, and I love to photograph wide panoramic views of nature.

Dartmoor is my favourite place to photograph locally, but I really like Scotland (I grew up in Edinburgh) and it is the Highlands which captivate my imagination - especially the beautiful Isle of Skye.

I aim to take dramatic photos - which show the beauty of our world - but this can mean waiting hours at one spot - or returning time and time again for the sunlight or the weather to play ball.

Buy Prints

You can order prints or canvases from my gallery pages (I have been selling my prints for over 10 years). Buying a print through this website is secure.

Please use my contact page for any questions you have - I am interested to hear from you.

David Entrican, Photographer

David Entrican

David Entrican, Photographer

Waiting for the light on Staple Tor

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About my photographs

I use a large (and bulky) panoramic film camera (a Fuji GX617) which only gives me four pictures for each roll of film!

Using this big camera, means I can print my images in large sizes (3 metres wide, easily) and they still have excellent detail and look fantastic at this size.

On the left, you can see what my pictures look like when I get my film back from the processing lab (click on the image to view larger).

I like vibrant colours which often occur at sunrise or sunset or during unsettled weather (my favourite). I can sometimes even wait days for dramatic light.

Massive prints

The largest picture I sell online is only 40 inches wide (approx 1 metre) but I'm happy to sell much bigger prints. If you want some huge pictures for your home or business I'll be happy to help.

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